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eLine Solutions offers a wide range of services to help companies meet and exceed their e-commerce needs.

  • Sterling Multi-Channel (Comergent) Consulting and Customization
  • Sterling Commerce Multi-Channel Selling product, also known as Comergent, has been instrumental in companies looking to optimize business processes and conduct business online. Clients using Comergent have taken advantage of its Catalog and Offer Management systems, Order Management System and vast array of other modules in order to create a unified buying experience for their customers.

    As with any off-the-shelf software, Comergent must be integrated and customized to meet the demands unique to each business. eLine Solutions has unique experience in installation, integration, and customization of the Comergent system to help companies take full advantage of the software.

    eLine Solutions is an expert in maintaining Comergent systems and developing new components and features that are instrumental in critical business processes. We have been developing on Comergent for Fortune 500 companies and understand the complexities and architecture of the application, and how to best integrate the system with already existing business systems.

  • Custom Software Solutions
  • We understand that often an off-the-shelf solution is not always a cost effective or feasible way to meet a company's business demands. eLine Solutions develops highly efficient and scalable custom web-based software solutions that meet the specific needs of each client.

    We work closely with business stakeholders and executives to understand the exact requirements and goals of each project. We also collaborate with IT departments to determine which languages, databases and platforms work best with existing systems.

  • Business Process Optimization
  • We bring industry specific knowledge and expertise to business process improvements and workflow. We also understand that the solution to a problem is not always a technical one, but may be solved by a business process change. We work closely with business stakeholders to analyze current processes, determine where processes can be improved and implement technical solutions as needed.

  • IT Strategic Planning
  • eLine Solutions has experience in developing strategic IT architecture plans to expand future business operations. We also have experience in working in international markets. This has given us an understanding for how strategies must be culturally and technically adaptable to be successful in these specific markets.

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Services at a Glance

  • Sterling Multi-Channel (Comergent) Consulting and Customization

  • Custom Software Development

  • Business Process Optimization

  • IT Strategic Planning