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About Us

eLine Solutions is an independent software consulting company based in Denver, Colorado. eLine Solutions was founded by Robert Crowley to provide a more personalized and unique experience to businesses desiring to expand their IT operations.

After spending many years working as a technical lead in a variety of corporations, Robert understood that in order to make eCommerce applications successful there needs to be a relationship built on both understanding and trust between clients and vendors. eLine Solutions takes pride in developing these long-term, personalized relationships with clients and delivering high-quality technical solutions based on individual needs and mutual collaboration.

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Customer Testimonials

"I highly recommend eLine Solutions to anyone who is in need of a vendor with advanced technical knowledge, the intuition to understand business requirements and the skill to implement them..."
- D. Reader
eCommerce Manager - Gates Corp.

"Working with eLine Solutions on the same team provided me with a smart and competent resource I could depend on for answers and sometimes better questions. It is rare to find such a combination of innovation, business understanding and technical prowess..."
- K. Hagen
Director of eCommerce - Melco