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eLine Solutions is a software consulting company specializing in enterprise level application development, systems integration, and custom software development. We work to solve the complexities of integrating eCommerce applications into existing business systems, as well as develop custom eCommerce applications to meet business goals.

We invite you to explore our site and see how our services can enhance your business processes, achieve improved cost savings and ultimately increase bottom-line revenue.

Services We Offer

Sterling Multi-Channel (Comergent) Customization

Custom Software Development

Business Process Optimization

IT Strategic Planning

Empowering Business Through Technology

Technology is the one tool that is mission critical in today's business climate. Entire departments depend on the software and systems to complete mission critical business tasks. With all that is riding on your technology, shouldn't you select a vendor that not only provides the highest quality development but also understands your business needs and the challenges that come with making changes to mission critical systems?

eLine Solutions is an expert in maintaining web based enterprise systems and developing new components and features making it easier to do business. We have been developing high quality solutions for startups and Fortune 500 firms for over nine years, and continue to meet the challenges of the ever changing business environment.

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